Welcome to my Cache Area

July  12th, 2010

Hello and Welcome!  

    My name is Matthew and you may know me from  Geocaching.com or the Wisconsin Geocaching Association site as "Cujo31."  I have been geocaching now on and off for about 2 years.  I recently got back into it as a way to get outdoors explore new places with my girlfriend, Laura, and her son, Cody.  It has been a lot of fun for all of us.

    Living in the Northeast section of Wisconsin allows us to cache a lot in Clintonville, Shawano, Shiocton, Appleton, and Oshkosh.  Those are our main areas right now... although we do throw extra caches in to find if we are going someplace on a trip.  I also have finds in Milwaukee, Lake Geneva, Wausau and Tomahawk.  Laura and I are also preparing for our trip to Tennessee and North Carolina later this week.... and yes, we will be doing a few caches while down visiting my family!

Cujo31, MommaCache and Cache Test Dummy : 2010

My Latest Game

I have always been a long time gaming fan... from Mechwarrior to LOTR to Pirates of the Caribbean (NO not that Johnny Depp crap!).  I have collected a lot of gaming stuff over the years... figures, instruction booklets, dice and so on.  So I have decided to clean house and rid myself of some of the things that have been laying around for a long time.   In 2004, I was introduced to the LOTR Click game from Sabertooth Games.  At the height of the LOTR movie craze, this game was very popular and brought together all the familiar characters of Middle Earth.  Four years later, the gaming company fell on hard times and went defunct.  The game itself is a VERY easy to learn game and some of us still get together to play from time to time.  

    So what you say?  Well I have decided to take all of my extra figures and make them available thru the caches I visit.  Leaving figures here and there that can be collected if you so choose.  Are they trackable?  Nope.  Are they valuable? Not really.  But if you are a fan of the LOTR series, they might interest you... and I would love to see where they turn up at next.  

    So how do I find them if they are not trackables?  Simple... have a look at  my profile on Geocaching.com.  Look for Cujo31 and see where I have been.  Perhaps you will find some of my little friends still there.  Take them... Enjoy them as I have.... Send me a picture... send me a story... anything you wish.   It's just a fun way for me to share some of my love of gaming with others.

    Need a map for the game or a rule sheet or even some dice?  Send me a e-mail and tell me what figure you found....and I'll be happy to send you a link to the maps and rule sheets online.  At some point I will also hide the dice too    XP

    Have fun and enjoy the hunt....  be wary of the Ents....

The Rag Tag Fleet

   For as long as i have been a gaming fan, I have been a Sc-Fi nut.  You have your Buck Rogers, your Star Wars, and so many others.  For me as a kid I remember Saturday nights in my house... mom making popcorn and sitting watching the Rag Tag Fleet try to escape the evil Cylon empire...
I was young and didn't give a crap that many thought it was a rip of Star Wars.  I ate it up....

   Then a few years  ago, I was online reading.... and heard they were bringing it back... a new story and a new re-telling....I just couldn't wait and I have been enjoying the series ever since.  The new Battlestar Galactica (now finished up) was a great gripping story with twists and turns.  

    I started putting together my own "Galactica" cache for fun.... it's not placed yet so don't get too excited yet... but it is something I am working on for a fun future location.  So how about a preview?  Ok.....what might you find?

Thanks to Zucky over at Pathtags. I have a wonderful pathtag to start off the  cache with....

    Along with the nice pathtag to start off, I have also put together a trackable of one of my favorite vehicles from the series... the Colonial Raptor.   The Raptor's primary function with the Colonial Defense Force is as an electronic warfare platform. It scouts ahead of the fleet, accompanies Vipers and provides targeting information and electronic counter measures (akin to the Prowler). Raptors can also carry external munitions to assist Vipers against large targets. Its non-combat roles include SAR (search and rescue) operations (akin to the SH-60 Seahawk) and transport of military personnel in hostile areas. Raptors, like Vipers are capable of atmospheric operations but unlike Vipers are also capable of short-range FTL jumps. Standard crew includes a pilot and electronics countermeasure officer (ECM).   Ok.....you can call me a geek :P    

Click here to see the TB  or to see the  Mission Card

    Hahahaha.... I even took the time to paint up the .50 cal Ammo can:  Check it out

    I am sure there will be other cool swag in it.... and I have heard from a few that say it is TOO nice and that it will just get stolen... what you think... send me a e-mail.  I am always up for opinions :)